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the newborn investment

Newborn sessions take place at my studio in Olathe. 

Just a few tips and suggestions to prepare for the session:

Before the shoot, please feed baby right before you head to the studio. Also, please do not let him sleep beforehand, instead try giving him a bath, let him kick with only a diaper, tickle his toes, and even let him fuss for a little bit (no pacifiers) for the few hours beforehand. This will ensure those squishy, sleepy newborn pictures! 

I can't stress that it's so important to do your best to keep baby awake for an hour or so before the session. Don't stress about the car ride, babies always fall asleep on the way to the studio.

Many parents come in saying "baby has been sleeping all morning, but trust me, he sleeps SO good this time of day!" only to have baby wake up, since they will be unclothed and unswaddled.


Please file the baby’s nails to ensure that they don’t scratch their little faces.  The best files are the cheap emery boards you can get Walmart, Target or Walgreens.  Because baby’s nails are so thin and fragile, we do not recommend you clip them with clippers. 


The room temperature is VERY important.  Ideally we will need the temp set between 80-85 degrees for baby to be most comfortable. The space will be WARM! Just a little warning. ;) 

Sessions can take up to 3 hours even with a very sleepy baby. I work very slowly with your baby to ensure they are always cozy and comfortable.  Take this time to sit back, relax and enjoy having a babysitter for a few hours. :)

Jaundice : If your baby has jaundice or is still yellow from jaundice it is best we wait until it is out of his/her system.  Jaundice is very hard to edit out of skin due to the yellow/red blotchiness it causes as it is leaving their system.  Jaundice is typically gone by week 2.

Gas : If you are breastfeeding and your baby has gas issues, please abstain from eating the following 24 hours before your session : dairy products — milk, cheese, yogurt, pudding, ice cream, or any food that has milk, milk products, casein, whey, or sodium casein in it.  Other foods that may cause gas and fussiness include anything with caffeine, soy, fish, peanuts, chocolate, wheat, beef, nuts, eggs, corn, citrus fruits and prenatal vitamins containing iron. –Courtesy Babycenter & ModernMom Parenting

Caffeine : Please DO NOT drink caffeine 24 hours prior to your session if you are breastfeeding.  I have photographed hundreds of newborns and can see a difference in those that are getting caffeine thru mother’s breast milk.  Babies who are affected by caffeine tend to be very jumpy, tense and alert.

What to bring :

Pacifier : Please bring a Soothie brand pacifier (no animal pacifiers, please).  We recommend a Soothie pacifier so it does not leave red rings around baby’s mouth.  Even if your baby does not take one from you (specifically if you are nursing, they can smell you and will want to nurse over soothing with a  pacifier), they will usually take one from me.  A baby’s natural born instinct is to pacify and sometimes not having a pacifier to help baby soothe will make or break a session.  



Gas drops : To ensure your baby remains comfortable throughout their session, please pack a bottle of gas drops just in case, safe for the newest of babies.  I will only ask for gas drops if baby is very uncomfortable and cannot release gas thru self-release or burping.   

Bottled Milk (not required) : If you have introduced a bottle to your baby, this is the preferred method of feeding during the session so we are certain how much baby is receiving.  If you are pumping, feel free to bring your pump to the session.  We have outlets located near the sofa for your comfort and convenience.  If you're exclusively breastfeeding, that's perfectly fine. We will take breaks as we need to.  


Family - What to wear : Solid colors work great. If you decide to use a pattern, I suggest a subtle pattern so that it doesn't overpower the photos. I love white and creams (together and on their own), Greys, and blacks work great as well. I tell clients to keep it simple for these. Dads, a v-neck t-shirt and jeans is perfect. Moms, simple tank tops work great, a sweater or cover add a little texture, a comfy maxi dress is always flattering. We typically do family photos at the end of the session to wrap up. I love helping style clients! I will reach out and ask if you would like help styling your family photos and send a questionnaire if you do! It's a pretty fun process! 

After your session: 
One to two weeks after your session you will come back to the studio to view your beautiful images and place your order. This is such a fun part of the process, the reveal is always so fun and then you will get to decide how you want your photos displayed. 


My cell number is 913-387-7509 if you need to reach me. I'm looking forward to our session! 



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